• Worldwide Export

    We are always in constant touch with our customers all over the world and study their market needs.

  • Quality Products

    We maintain good quality means the best quality is my specialty. We export our goods to more than 30 countries

  • Our Team

    We have well-specified staff and workers. We are actively participating in trading. We will happy to trade with you.

Welcome to

Chiku Raw Boiled

Welcome to Chiku Raw Boiled which is an offshoot of the from Tamilnadu, India. The Promotors are experienced rice millers, suppliers and exporters of premium quality rice varieties of India. Their business philosophy has always been ensuring superior quality through expert sourcing combined with appropriate pricing. Rice is not just another food item– it’s a gift that is consider sacred. A symbol of purity and of abundance. Which is why each grain is treated with great care and reverence.

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Our Services

Who we are

Chiku Raw Boiled as a wholesale & retail rice supplier company where we pay a lot of precision to rice quality our business focus and our major responsibility towards environment sustain ability with our business routine process

Quality Commitment

It is this eye for detail that underlines commitment to rice product quality leading to customer satisfaction. It is our quality commitment

Wholesale Rice Merchant

Chiku Raw Boiled known for the consistency in quality and unique attributes of its products.

Specialised & Innovative

With customized packaging, customised delivery as well as local delivery in super markets and superstores.

Retail Focus

We envisage the vision to bond people with a common language of food,providing them the best in terms of taste and quality.